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Welcome to keyhole website design and hosting.

About Us

Keyhole Web Design is a small independent website designer and web host who specialises in making websites coded in PHP for people with a small budget.

We can design you a simple templated website using something like WordPress or Joomla or something more custom using our own PHP templates.

All of our websites content is fully manageable and editable by you, with KWD support on hand to edit anything that you want us to.

For examples of the different websites we have designed see the portfolio page.


The websites below have been designed or are hosted by us.
/Posted by: nick

Bluerope Photography

An equestrian photogrsapher who was selling his photos via facebook group, wanted a proper outlet for them including people buying online etc. Visit...
/Posted by: nick
Woollie Farm - Portfolio

Woollie Farm

Woolliefarm website was a custom written PHP website that used our KWD PHP CMS and is fully user editable using a WYSIWYG editor. This site is now redundant however it is in the archive location...
/Posted by: nick
Lambley Riding Club - Portfolio

Lambley Riding Club

A riding club that hold shows once a month in the spring/summer. NOTE: This site is hosted and managed by Keyhole Web Design and Hosting but was not designed by us. Visit...

Our Services

We offer the below services:

  • Hosting of php/html websites written elswhere
  • Design and hosting of websites written by us
  • Basic email services using imap/pop3
  • Advanced email services using either Google or Microsoft online offerings
  • SSL security for websites
  • Shops
  • Blogs
  • Domain management
  • much more, Please contact us to discuss what you require

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